The Career Development Centre (CDC) support students in developing and achieving career goals that lead to meaningful lives.  We offers a wealth of innovative programs and resources to help students launch their ideal career paths. Our approach is encouraging, collaborative and goal-focused; in which we also partner with UoP Alumni and employers to organize events that help the students to develop more personal awareness and learn the skills they need to be successful while they are at UoP and beyond.

Main Focus

To engage students and alumni in a process of discovering and developing meaningful career paths, that would enhance their lives and bring positive impacts on the communities.


CDC at University of Peshawar is dedicated for empowering students and alumni, to engage in lifelong career development process by:

  • Facilitating self-assessment and career exploration to develop a clear career objective.
  • Educating students and alumni on essential job searching and career exploration skills.
  • Using innovative technology and resources to provide comprehensive services beyond the traditional campus environment.
  • Cultivating external partnerships with employers to open channels of opportunity for students.
  • Promoting avenues for experiential learning.
  • Serving as a resource to staff, faculty and community.
  • Advising students preparing for post graduate study.
  • Continually examining the outcomes and implementing best practices.
Main Focus
  • Offer a wealth of innovative programs and resources to help students launch their ideal career path.
  • Facilitate future employment opportunities for achieving high employment rates among top recruiting organizations.
  • Offer collaborative and goal-focused support to students for assisting them in their academic and career concerns.
  • To equip the students with more personal awareness and skills they need to be successful, while they are at UoP and beyond.
  • To engage and sign MoUs with professional organizations/ their representatives for providing effective counseling/ training and better placement of the students.
  • To design comprehensive counseling services which will be timely, accessible and personalized for meeting individual needs of the students.
  • To organize HR forums, from the private sector, academia and the government to educate students on the sector-specific Human Resource issues, challenges and priorities.

CDC Team

Khurshid Qasim Marwat



 M. Wisal Khalil

 Deputy Director



+92-91-9216701-10 Ext, 3159

Syed Sohaib Abdullah 

Assistant Director


+92-91-9216701-10 Ext, 3159


Tauheed Ullah

Office Boy